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Deiva Marina is a small village of about 1.000 people, it extends along the valley that starts from Mount San Nicolao at about 800m and reaches down to the sea. Its microclimate and its almost 300 metres of beach, formed by sand and rocks, make it one of the most popular seaside destinations in “Liguria del Levante” (eastern Liguria).

Deiva Marina has a wide opening on the sea, the sea that dominates with its majesty to where the horizon is lost. We can assure you that here you can enjoy the best sunsets you have ever seen. Deiva Marina was not born as a seaside village and is divided into two parts: Deiva its historical centre close to the hills developed in 1700, where the Church dedicated to S. Antonio Abate stands. The church square is particularly interesting, it is decorated with a beautiful "risseu" (a wonderful mosaic of Ligurian stones), in front of the church stands a medieval tower (today used for exhibitions and events). The urban development of the Marina area began after the Second World War.

For this reason, if you come to visit our village, you will immediately realise how the two realities Deiva and Marina, connected by the long and shady tree-lined street, form with their different properties Deiva Marina.

The municipal area extends for several kilometres and includes Passano, with a long history and the ancient castle ruins, or Mezzema and Piazza which can be reached along the road by car, bike, or along footpaths.

The most interesting sign of the antiquity of the settlements in these areas is the church of N.S. dell'Assunta, built around 1002. The building is known because it contains an old inscription dating from the end of the VII-VIII century, engraved on a marble slab, the text of a "Letter of Jesus Christ sent from Heaven", the Latin text reminds the faithful to observe the Sunday as a day of rest, threatening the worst calamities and punishments to defaulters.

Many tourists spend their holidays in Deiva Marina for trekking. The many footpaths, which connect Deiva with the other villages in this wilder part of Liguria, will leave you speechless for their views and will make you feel a part of nature.

Fondamental importance is the possibility to travel by train, Deiva Marina has its own railway station where regional trains run in the direction of Sestri Levante/Genova and the opposite side to La Spezia, (this is the direction to visit the Cinque Terre after just a few stops, taking 15/20 minutes, you will already be in “Cinque Terre National Park”).

Here you will find accommodation facilities according to your needs (Hotels, Camping, B&B, Apartments…), there are restaurants, bars, private beaches and shops of all kinds.

We like to define Deiva Marina a town "between the mountains and the sea". Our strengths are being a good starting point to visit the Eastern Liguria, easily reached by train and motorway, and if your purpose is to relax, you can enjoy the beach and the sea, add a good typical cuisine or live show (the summer calendar is rich with events) or why not, a canoe ride or trekking, or rent a boat to explore the coast... this is your ideal place for a holiday, Deiva Marina is waiting for you!

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